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What if double-mint isn’t refreshing enough?
Make it triple.

Triple Mint is the one stop agency that helps build your idea into reality.

We never say No, but we don’t easily say Yes either. We examine every project case by case, by heart, and provide the most suitable solutions tailored to every client. Unlike frequently heard cases that some companies may leave a project unfinished and disappeared, we never take tasks that we believe is too much. Once we accept a project, we always complete it to the end.


In Triple Mint, we make sure our staff is happy with their job and work as a team like a family. We believe the synergy of teamwork creates unpredictable positive power and hope to transmit it to our clients.


We believe humility and patience are the keys to befriend clients. We solve problems by carefully listening and passionately thinking. Our team shares the same belief that sincerity is always the key to develop every client into long-term partnership.


Client's expectation is one of the largest concerns of us. Our profession in quality and punctuation on delivery makes sure clients always get hassle-free support.

Our founders have been working in the field for more than 10 years, that's why we know the standard.

The core culture in Triple Mint is about exploration and responsibility. Staff is often encouraged to learn new skills and latest technologies in order to keep up with the industry. We believe extensive observation and contribution to society are the keys to spark creativity.

On the other hand, we specially emphasize responsibilities to our colleagues. All of us believe there is no perfect result and accidents can always happen, but a responsible person never cease to achieve a better outcome. This tough spirit helps the whole company overcome challenges and obstacles from time to time, and make us able to compete against rivals in the industry.

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